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Our team is made up of bright, nimble, and creative minds that eat, sleep, and breathe social. We have built content strategies for some of the world's most influential and social brands. Let us help you build your strategy and meet your business objectives.Social content creation is both an art and a science. By integrating bn.publish with bn.insights, you have access to a virtual social media war room. Publish, optimize and amplify content from one centralized location.

To be successful, marketers must ensure collaboration between three formerly disconnected disciplines: Content Management, Media Planning and Page Analytics. Story planning is our proprietary blend of content development and media planning. Our Story Planners are at once planning a content calendar, moderating comments and optimizing future content based on social data. Stories are generated, planned, amplified and optimized at scale.

Our customers are typically large, complex organizations, and for them, one size does not fit all. They are buying a solution to a business challenge, not a self-serve, one size fits all cloud software solution. Brand Networks provides software with service, not as a service. Every instance of bn.publish is unique. Some brands integrate existing product data feeds for automatic publishing of products and prices at the local store level. Others, leverage corporate intranets and single sign-on for ease of management and access. We've even worked with brands to use pre-cleared posts and image libraries to guide global and local publishing standards.

Places with the most Likes and reviews index higher in Graph Search and Nearby. Control your brand's Graph Search Optimization by identifying and taking control of rogue, unmanaged and unbranded place pages. Our proprietary tool can find you outlying place pages, allowing for quick control of rogue place pages.